Sunday , August 19th 2018
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Curling Irons that will re-define your look

Curling Irons that will re-define your look

With the fashion industry becoming more and more modern these days, there are many tools that have been introduced to get ‘the look’ people wish for. One of these new inventions is curling irons and wands. These are being used to a large context not only by the hair dressers and models but also by the common people. However, a common mistake is assuming that the curling irons and wands are the same.

There is a huge difference in these two. A curling iron has a clasp whereas a wand doesn’t. Secondly, if you want polished ringlets, then, definitely go for a curling iron. But, if you are someone who loves natural waves, then get a curling wand. Last but not the least, a curling iron should be held with the cord facing down whereas a wand is supposed to be held with the cord facing up.

Now that we know the difference between the two, let’s discuss about the best curling irons and wands.

Jose Eber Curling Iron – 50$


  • Its key features are as follows:
  • It has a 25mm clip-less barrel and has a light weight ergonomic design.
  • It has a Korean tourmaline ceramic barrel.
  • It also has a 360 degree swivel cord design
  • Dual voltage 110-240V.
  • A heat resistant glove is also included in the kit.

This amazing product can give you the best and the smoothest curls you have been wanting for long. Its 25 mm clip less barrel is the most beneficial feature. This iron can create beautiful curls not only for thick hair but also for thin hair. Its ceramic barrel gives a natural shine to the hair giving a polished look to the curls. Jose Eber curling iron is the one product for all those women desiring for natural looking curls every day. Moreover, each potion of hair can be curled in maximum 15 seconds.

The best feature of this iron is the length of the cord and the 360 degree swivel cord design which makes it much easier to set your hair. However, it is advisable to wear the heat resistant glove while curling your hair in order to prevent any burns during the process.


Kadori Professional Dual Curling Iron and Wand – 43$


  • Its key features are:
  • It has a 35mm ceramic barrel which is extra-long to create large size curls.
  • Have an on-off switch and 5 temperature settings to avoid any accidents.
  • Its swivel cord is 10 ft. long and it also has a 60 minute automatic shut off button.

This is the new range in the curling wands of Kadori professional with some excellent features. These features are designed keeping in mind the needs and safety of its customers. The best feature of this wand is the multi-zone temperature setting. This allows you to curl your hair as per the temperature of your choice. It is due to this that the curls are locked-in for a longer time period. You can create shimmering, edgy and deep waves because of its 35mm barrel. Another unique feature of this wand is the 60 minute automatic shut off feature which switches it off automatically if not in use. The same wand is also available in 19mm and 25mm.




Remington CI6325 Professional Curling Iron – 30$


  • Key features of this iron are:
  • It has 1 inch barrel with styling clamps.
  • It also has 4 times protective coating for shinier and less static hair.
  • 410 degree temperature setting.
  • It has got 10 different heating settings.

Remington is a pretty popular brand for products in this range. Talking especially about this product, it is designed to give you soft and smooth curls. It protects your hair from the damage caused by heat of the iron due to its 4 times protective coating. The coatings have ceramic, ion-producing tourmaline, anti-static formula, and a smooth glide finish. You can easily curl your hair with the 10 temperature settings it has.



Remington CI63W1NA Professional Curling Wand – 30$


Let’s talk about its salient features:

  • It has a turbo boost open. Hold this button down for two seconds to set this amazing wand to maximum power.
  • 30 second heat-up.
  • ½ to 1 inches barrel contours.
  • 10 unique temperature settings.

This wonderful product by Remington is designed especially for women who have a busy schedule. It is with its super-fast heat-up technology, you can get ready with beautiful and voluminous curls in just no time. It has got a premium ceramic tapered barrel which makes your curls look soft, smooth and long-lasting. One of its attractive features is its 60 second auto shut off which can save energy. This feature can also be made keeping in mind the safety of the customer.



Sultra the Bombshell Rod Curling Iron – 130$

This curling iron rod is brought about a huge revolution in the fashion industry. Unlike the regular curling irons, it is clip-less. Thus, it can curl your hair in half the time taken by the traditional ironing rods with clips. Moreover, its Advanced Care Ceramic Technology is meant to take care of your hair during styling. This technology even mends the damaged hair while curling them. This is the most ideal ironing rod for dry, damaged or color-treated hair. If this wasn’t enough, this product comes handy with 2 years of manufacturers’ warranty. Its other features are like the regular iron rods. These are like 9 foot, no tangle swivel cord and an auto shut-off button. The kit also comes with a complimentary heat resistant glove and an iron pad.


The market has thousands of options in iron rods and wands. The above mentioned rods are a few among the many best options for curling your hair. Have a read and select the best one.