Wednesday , August 22nd 2018
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Lescolton Infrared Mini One Step Hair Dryer & Styler Hot Air Paddle Brush | Negative Ion Generator Hair Straightener For All Hair Types | Eliminate Frizzing, Tangled Hair & Knots, Promote Healthy

Product Features:

    For Impeccable Hair Style & Flawless Appearances ... Lescolton Infrared Hair Brushes To The Rescue! Fed Up With ... ... dry and dull looking hair?... brittle locks and spilt ends?... burnt scalp and broken hair cuticles? ... unmanageable and rough hair?Stop the hair torture right here, right now, with…
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Product Description

For Impeccable Hair Style & Flawless Appearances … Lescolton Infrared Hair Brushes To The Rescue!

Fed Up With …

… dry and dull looking hair?

… brittle locks and spilt ends?

… burnt scalp and broken hair cuticles?

… unmanageable and rough hair?

Stop the hair torture right here, right now, with this one step blow dryer and styler hair brush. Help your hair rejuvenate and moisturize whilst avoiding dryness.

Enjoy lustrous hair without spending a small fortune at the hairdresser’s or for styling treatments!

Half Time Drying, Half Time Styling, More Time Enjoying Healthy Hair!

This Infrared paddle brush will help you minimize half styling and drying time. Now there is no need to spend additional money to buy blow dryers.

Thanks to its advanced infrared technology, our hair straightener brush speeds up the process of drying your hair, and also minimizes the risk of burning your hair or even scalp.

Plus, its multifunctional role makes this hot air brush an absolute must have gadget for all people with hair.

Use it to tame frizzy and rough hair, detangle knots, choose a new hair style every day, dry and straighten your hair.

Restore lost sheen and make your hair more manageable, lustrous and soft.

5+1 Reasons To Make This Negative Ion Electric Hair Brush Yours:

• Hassle free hair styling in the comfort of your bathroom.

• For all types of hair. Long, short, thick, damaged, colored, or extensions.

• Eliminates frizz, static, split ends, and detangling.

• Minimize heat damage. Protect and nourish your hair.

• Makes your hair soft, smooth, elegant, and shiny!

• Saves your precious time and money! Cuts drying time in half!

What are you waiting for? Get yours today, while supplies last!

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Product Features

  •  ENJOY SUPER SHINY & LUXURIANT HAIR WITH INFRARED: Fed up with healthy styling products and infective hair straighteners? Is so, then this one step hair dryer and styler air paddle brush is the way to go. From the very 1st use, feel your hair smooth, healthy and super soft. Enhance the shiny effect effortlessly without damaging your hair locks; And 2nd,Improve the body microcirculation , immunity & phagocytic ,with anti-inflammatory & swelling effect.
  •  1 BRUSH MULTIPLE FUNCTIONS: This one step electric hot air hair brush is not an ordinary brush. It was designed to satisfy even your most demanding needs. Use it as a blow dryer,hair styler, volumize your locks, make your hair curly or wavy and straighten it of course. Perfect for dry as well as wet hair. Minimize half hair styling time, starting from today.
  •  REDUCE FRIZZING & DETANGLING: Put a stop to the never ending detangling and knotty hair nightmare once and for all. Reduce flyaway, frizz, and static! Get the dreamy and tamed hair you have always wanted. No more pain from detangling your hair. No more weak roots. No more brittle strands and split ends!
  •  GOES EVERYWHERE YOU GO: Being Mini&compact, lightweight and extremely easy to use, this travel hair dryer travels with you. Ideal for home use, traveling, holidays, and even the office. The tangle free and long swivel cord facilitates its use to the fullest. Fits in your backpack, travel suitcase, purse, and even gym bag.
  •  ERGONOMIC & SAFE GRIP HANDLE: All of our hair dryer brushes have a clever brush head that can be used for massaging as well. The handle is hand-shaped and comfy to hold. By emitting Infrared into your hair, this paddle brush makes your hair shiny, glossy, frizz-free, and special healthy for your scalp. Great for men, women and teens!